Rachel Juarez-Carr


Rachel Juarez-CarrAfter decades of holidaying in particularly lacklustre English country cottages, Rachel Juarez-Carr’s parents went wild in the early 1990s and whisked the family off to Norway; it was while sailing the fjords on a Ukrainian cruise ship that their 11-year-old daughter decided she loved travel. She currently works for luxury travel publishers Mr & Mrs Smith as well as several freelance clients. You can see her full CV on LinkedIn.

Rachel got her print journalism BA from the University of Westminster, and has been an editor, writer and photographer ever since, running off to Los Angeles and crisscrossing the US for the next seven years writing about travel and taking pictures of everything (visits back to Europe included adventures getting lost on trains in suburban Poland, photographing street art in Prague, dancing all night in Barcelona and nearly getting run over by two small children on a Vespa in a Sicilian back alley). She’s now back in London but has a wonky Essex/LA accent.


A documentary and music photography book called Seven Years of Ordinary Life in L.A.


To commission a shoot or a story, or talk about your editing project, email Rachel.


  • is a writer, editor and photographer based in London
  • wrote two novels when she was a teenager but threw them away because they were rubbish
  • has a latitude and longitude tattoo (in Futura, font fans)
  • has a really weird Essex/London/L.A. accent
  • studies Spanish (and French, once Spanish is “done”) and knows a bit of Russian
  • drinks herbal tea, watches tennis and gets lost a lot
  • would like a Negroni, if you’re going to the bar

rachel.juarezcarr@gmail.com | +44 (0)7541 856 514 | @countessian