About RJC

After decades of holidaying in lacklustre country cottages, my parents went wild in the early '90s and whisked the family off to Norway; while gazing at fjords reflected in the pink-mirrored ceiling of the Ukrainian cruise ship bar, 11-year-old me decided I quite liked to travel.

I ran off to Los Angeles after getting my print journalism degree from the University of Westminster and have been an editor, writer and photographer ever since. I crisscrossed the US for the next seven and a half years, writing about travel and taking pictures of everything. Visits back to Europe included getting lost on trains in suburban Poland, photographing street art in Prague, dancing all night in Barcelona and nearly getting run over by two small children on a Vespa in a Sicilian back alley. I now divide my time between London and Los Angeles and have a wonky Essex/LA accent that even Australians think is Australian (I have never been to Australia).

I spent half my time on words and half on pictures; I'm an editor at luxury travel publisher Mr & Mrs Smith and really, really, really like all my freelance clients.

More facts about me in case that wasn't enough:

  • wrote two post-apocalyptic novels when I was in my mid teens but threw them away because they were rubbish
  • have a latitude and longitude tattoo (in Futura, font fans)
  • got a first in a French and Spanish degree but can't speak French or Spanish
  • started learning Russian on the Ukranian cruise ship in Norway and got an A* at GCSE but have mostly forgotten it now
  • will have a negroni if you're going to the bar