I’m learning Spanish. It has even more regional variations than English, I think (based on my vague and entirely unscientific impressions gathered from my life in Los Angeles, where Spanish is Mexican, vs my lessons in London, where Spanish is Spanish). My current homework-avoiding Google rabbit hole is a topic close to my procrastination-loving heart: being lazy in Spanish.

My Spanish is still basically non existant but as far as I can figure out…

Tengo flojera = (roughly) I’m feeling lazy in Mexico and Venezuela

Tengo pereza = tengo flojera in Spain

Tengo fiaca = tengo pereza in Argentina, based on fiacca, which is laziness in Italian.

I have also learnt that my MacBook translator is Spanish, because it only understands pereza and doesn’t even attempt to translate flojera or fiaca at all.

Y ahora, tengo sueño.

PS: Mi novio me dice que mi OU blog es como un Live Journal. Lo siento.

PPS: I like getting a Spanish word of the day in my inbox.