Standing alone in the pouring rain while trying to find the entrance wasn’t the most auspicious beginning to a hotel escape. Mr Smith promised he’d be punctual – he wasn’t; my phone said the sun would shine – it didn’t. On the positive side, I had been primed that the Rookery is housed in a row of historic homes – it is – hence, my inability to decide which door to use. Suddenly, one flings open and a welcoming blonde ushered me in to the dark-wood corridor.

A thousand things begged to be admired – paintings, books, a cat slinking around – and it was so warm and cosy that I was almost glad to have been caught in the rain first. The friendly pair checking me in gushed about how lovely my suite was with genuine glee, and 30 seconds later I was bounding up the stairs to the Rook’s Nest, my two-storey home for the night… READ THE FULL REVIEW AT MR & MRS SMITH’S WEBSITE

[PS: I also took photos: Rookery hotel image gallery]