Dorset Square hotel opening

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September 29, 2012

Firmdale hotels bought back their first property and relaunched it: it’s wonderful. Dorset Square hotel is quite probably the only cricket-themed hotel I will ever love; it’s also likely to be the only place my dad and I could ever admire equally. I toured in its first week and took a few pictures… then went back for birthday cocktails. Plus, I wrote about it for Mr & Mrs Smith.

 (Rachel Carr)

“Be bowled over by Dorset Square Hotel: the tastefully cricket-enamoured townhouse is perched on the edge of a leafy square in one of London’s most central and exclusive enclaves. Revered designer Kit Kemp has included plenty of knowing nods to the square’s past as the original Lord’s cricket ground, but the bats and balls pop up pleasingly around the hotel and don’t overwhelm the bold patterns and coloured textiles that delight die-hard design fans.” — Read the rest with Mr & Mrs Smith.